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This service allows you to increase traffic to your site or earn additional income in 5 minutes!

Promotion of a business project

Need cheap advertising? Do you want to attract the attention
of partners and referrals? We offer one of the best tools
to achieve excellent results. A wide variety of
advertising types will help you instantly find potential
partners and referrals.
  • Simple and affordable advertising
  • Visitors to the site "now"
  • Cheating the attendance counter

Promotion of VKontakte 
VKontakte is the most popular social network in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus and other CIS countries.Every day thousands of new people register in it;there is probably no user on the RuNet who does not know about Vkontakte.And we will help make your page more popular, your posts get a lot of likes, and the group has a lot of subscribers.
  • Types of promotion on VKontakte :        
  • Likes Photo
    Like Video
    Like Post
    Share Photo
    Share Video
    Share Post
    Share or Speak in Group
    Add to Friends
  • Promotion on YouTube 

    YouTube is the world's most popular video hosting site, allowing you to watch videos from all over the world and upload your own videos. And if you want your video or your channel to quickly become popular, use the functions of our service.

  • Types of YouTube promotion:
  • Increase subscribers on YouTube
    Increase likes on YouTube
    Increase YouTube views

Good and easy earnings

on your website
by browsing websites

On Short Links
  • Exchange of visits. Sell ​​your visits on the exchange

A simple referral system without points, statuses or VIPs.
Our service has a 3-level referral system. For each invited user, you will receive 10% of his earnings or 10% of the account replenished by him (the percentage of the account replenishment is accrued only from the 1st level referral).

Our website has an intuitive interface, a convenient personal account and transparent working conditions.

Parterre. Earning money on your website
In order to place advertising on your website, you need to install HTML code on the pages of your website where you want to see this advertising.

Multifunctional banner spaces with the ability to integrate into any website without using PHP.
Banner sizes 468x60 and 200x300, other sizes in development   

Adaptive design
  • Protection against traffic fraud
  • Traffic filtering
  • Improved statistics system

Contextual advertising horizontal and vertical:

Contextual advertising with the ability to integrate onto any website without using PHP
  • Adaptive design
  • Improved statistics system
  • Protection against traffic cheating
  • Versatility

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